Theme Songs

Performed by Canadian musician Bob Reid.

Bob Reid - "I'm thrilled to be part of anything Canada Company does to help our veterans."

This song was written by Toronto singer-songwriter Bob Reid after he visited Kandahar Airfield in 2010 to perform with members of the Canadian Forces and our NATO allies deployed in Afghanistan. A gesture of thanks for their hard work and dedication, the single was released on Canada Day, 2011.
This song is a tribute to fallen members of the Canadian Forces in Afghanistan and to the countless faithful Canadians who turned out along Highway 401 to pay their final respects to our bravest ones. It reached #1 on the Nielsen Soundscan Canadian CD Singles sales chart in 2009. Written and performed by Bob Reid featuring Triumph legend Rik Emmett on lead guitar. Video by Chris Terriault, Durham Police Service. Words & Music Copyright Bob Reid 2009 SOCAN.
Both songs are available as CD singles or digital download via soldiersongs.ca